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Goodman for board


I would like to be on the board of Good Neighbors of Park Slope because I like its mission,  and see greater involvement as a meaningful way to contribute and be of service in the community. I have a particular interest in supporting the organization to engage more effectively with the internet, especially in terms of outreach.  I have a varied background with non-profit and community organizations including community organizing, board and fiscal experience.  I also have a Master's degree in Public Administration.  My friends enjoy my sense of humor, and I'm   ready to contribute my skills and talents, such as they are, to the important work of the Good Neighbors of Park Slope.






Kamuf for board

My name is Ann Marie Kamuf and I have been a resident of Brooklyn for over 40 years. I was very interested and excited when I heard about Good Neighbors of Park Slope and the goal of helping members age in place. As a semi retiree I found structuring my day was sometimes difficult. GNPS social activities make it possible to enjoy my leisure activities and organize my day. I attended GNPS @ home, participated in the Decluttering Workshop and recently attended bridge instruction. I am an RN and have worked in the Home Care field and was director of three agencies. I would like to contribute to the ongoing growth, development and expansion of GNPS. I have been on the Ethics Committee at Cobble Hill Nursing Center, coordinated church activities and am an active member of Common Cause. I am organized, self motivated, have initiative and like to work with others. I can contribute the skills and experience I have gained as GNPS expands to include a wider array of services and more formal volunteer system.  I will continue to enjoy all the activities and would be proud to be on the Board to work with the other Board members to expand the organization.



Kelly board


I've lived in Park Slope for 26 years, raising a daughter and forming deep roots in the community. I was delighted to discover the wonderful resources at GNPS and I've been an active member, joining one book group, starting another, helping with SCRIE registration and attending GNPS lectures. 


It's amazing what a vibrant organization we've become in such a short time!


My 40 years in media and marketing gave me solid communication and organizational skills that I'm eager to put to work, helping GNPS grow and evolve. I'm particularly interested in helping to expand our scope by delivering practical help to our members, in addition to great social programs.


Our neighborhood is a village of many communities. GNPS has grown an aging in place community that is active, engaged and empowered.

I'd love the opportunity to help continue the work!







My name is David Kressel. I have lived in Park Slope for the last 25 years. I am single and retired from a career in research and teaching and very much want to participate in the excellent work of the GNPS organization. The main reason is how impressive the caring, productive and enjoyable activities this group is providing the community. Hopefully my experience in problem solving, mediating and program evaluation can contribute to the expanding success of GNPS. I am astounded by the hard work and generosity of so many people in the Park Slope community. There are many; one example comes to mind is Andi Peretz. I am eager to learn from these people and if elected to the Board of Directors will strive to continue to make GNPS a valuable asset to the community.




I have been a member of the GNPS Board, and its secretary, since its inception, and would like to continue as a Board member, working on projects of particular interest to me, such as transportation accessibility. I have lived in Park Slope since 1978, raised two daughters here and have been involved in many community issues including Participatory Budgeting, attending various CB6 and MTA meetings regarding the subway system, and I currently represent GNPS on the Prospect Park Alliance Community Committee.

New York City is often touted as a desirable place to retire, but without accessible transportation the concept is somewhat meaningless. Due to the efforts of GNPS members we are at least on the radar of Councilman Brad Lander - the 9th St. F subway station is mentioned in his newsletter of August 9. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue these efforts.

Until I retired in 2008, I had a career as an account executive with several advertising agencies, and then moved on to the non-profit world as Director of Corporate Relations for The Skin Cancer Foundation, which included fundraising from major pharmaceutical manufacturers and cosmetic companies, as well as event planning.

Current Board Member.






I have lived in Park Slope for over 30 years; raised 3 children who live in the community; and, retired from a position as a patient advocate at Brooklyn Hospital where I am still active as a consultant. I have been involved in the planning of Good Neighbors of Park Slope since a good friend introduced me to the idea of an aging in place organization. Presently serving on the board as Vice President, I am a candidate for reelection.

After helping in the initial development of activities, I have used my background in nursing and community health, to act as an adviser to GNPS on medical topics as they arise. In addition, I monitor the website's community announcements, community resources, and news articles pages and manage the  "We Remember" section.

I have been amazed by the growth of Good Neighbors and the depth and diversity of its activities. With the upcoming launch of the Share and Support phase, I believe that GNPS  is still in its formative years. I would like to continue to use my past experience on the board to help as the new adventures unfold.

Current Board Member.





Finally there is an organization, GNPS, that is addressing the needs of seniors and the aging population. Activities, friends, social needs, and so much more.  I feel as if I have found the pot of gold.


As a Board Member I would bring experiences and skills that would be used to help grow the organization and help assure its continued success.


As older citizens many of our concerns are healthcare related.  Professionally I worked as a Health Information Management Administrator and I am certified as a Medicare Consultant.  I would love to work towards programs that assist us in understanding what we need, will need, and how to go about fulfilling our needs, needs which are always changing.


I am also a Marketing professional and would use these skills to help enlarge the Organizations ever growing activities and ties to our community.


I want to thank you for your vote. 

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