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Good Neighbors of Park Slope


Good Neighbors of Park Slope (GNPS) is an all volunteer, non-profit, aging-in-place organization, open to residents of Park Slope and surrounding areas who are age 50 and over. Our goal is to create a network of members to make life in our neighborhood easier and more fulfilling, while maintaining our autonomy and quality of life in our homes.

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What's Happening?
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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For the safety of all members, please be fully vaccinated and take a Covid test before In person meetings with other members of Good Neighbors. 



 E-Blast 5-21-23


Good Neighbors of Park Slope is offering to connect you with another member who also wants a regular check in. 
GNPS will make the initial connection, and after that it will be a mutual relationship between members 
who call/text/email one another on a regular basis, with no further GNPS responsibility.
Please fill out this survey and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Member Check-In Information


A group of members has prepared information to help other groups start an organization like ours, which gives history of the organization. It is 
available here: 
Starting an Aging-in-Place Organization.

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(This section may include new activities not included in last e-blast and activities with 

available registration slots)

Presentations & Special Events

Learning about GNPS and its website - 6/12/2023
Beers in Brooklyn - 6/13/2023
Author Talk 6/20/2023: From Calvin to Mao and Beyond-Ed Porter 
Tour and Tasting: Fort Hamilton Distillery - 6/23/2023
Death Doulas and their Importance in the Community - 6/27/2023

Monthly Meetings and Activities Open To All Members

Activities Committee Mtg - 6/1/2023
 Climate Change Interest Group - 6/13/2023
Advocacy Committee Meeting - 6/21/2023
Cafe De GNPS - 6/29/2023


In-Person Canasta - 6/14/2023
Mah Jong for Experienced Players - 6/21/2023
Every Friday: Weekly Balance Class
Every Tuesday Evening: Texas Holdem Online
Every Wednesday: In Person Bridge for Experienced Players

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Park Slope Singers
June 17 at 3:00PM
June 21 at 7:00PM
Park Slope Singers June 2023

SPOP is currently accepted referrals for:

  • A Spanish-language group therapy for adults 55 and older who are coping with anxiety or depression
  • Group therapy for men age 55 and older who are dealing with anxiety or depression
  • Peer-led bereavement group support for adults of all ages
SPOP Information


New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital is looking for volunteers.
NYPBMH is seeking neighborhood volunteers to help staf the lobbies. Need friendly and helpful people to help visitors and patients navigate
the hospital and outpatient areas.
For more information or you are interested,
please contact 
Wendy Froede (

OMNI is now available for reduced fare customers!

Learn More Here

  Park Slope Library Events

First Wednesday of the Month:
Plum Papercraft: Origami
registration thru library website:
Park Slope Library Calendar
Every Monday from 11:00am - noon
Gathering Wool: Knit and Crochet
drop in session, no registration
Every Thursday 
Total Body Fitnewss from Shape Up NYC - All Levels Welcome
Registration required

Shape Up NYC at PS Library

Concerts On The Slope 2022-2023 Calendar



Covid Activities - 2022

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Park Slope Center for Successful Aging 
invites Good Neighbors of Park Slope
to participate in ALL activities!

See what is available on a recent PSCSA schedule:

PSCSA Schedule

For the most up-to-date information
become a member of PSCSA and receive their weekly schedule.

For IN-PERSON activities at PSCSA, MASKS must be worn.
Attendees are encouraged, but not required, to be vaccinated.


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Meet Carol Milano
(by Ruth Gastel)

(For previous member profiles: Meet Our Members)  

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Honoring Those Who Have Served. Memorial Day 2023

By David Sandgrund (2014 – 57 years after)

I rose from the seat that hot March day,
To a strange, foreign land a half globe away.
I thought to myself, “This place smells like shit”,
But too numb to say or think more on it.
The air was heavy, so humid, so thick;
I feared I’d collapse before walking a click.
Departing the plane we were ordered to stand;
Forming two ranks by a shouted command.
“Attenn-hut! Salute!” Came the ordering cry,
We snapped to respect without knowing why.

Facing the gangplank, in withering heat
Wondering what “lifer” we’d been pressed to greet.
Fighter jet banshees screamed by so loud;
As we sweat in silence, our minds in a cloud.
Trucks moved in slowly and stopped near our plane;
We stiffened salutes knowing we’re in the game.
Men jumped down quickly to the loading prepare,
No lifers? No hotshots? No big-wigs were there.
Only just boxes… handled gently with care.
Long wooden boxes took the seats we left there;
As we watched and saluted and stood there steadfast.
The boxes were carried, through our vigil they passed.
We all too soon knew without uttering a sound;
The reason our lines were formed and held this ground.

Our brothers were leaving.

They are going home.

Not to hear speeches or fanfare or praise;
Not to hear taps as they’re placed in their graves.
Not to get married, have children or dreams fulfilled;
But wait in our shadows, their gardens untilled.

Sleep well my brothers, your hell is over.

“Atten-hut! ….. At ease, men!”
Gasping for breath and sweating like rain;
We heard a voice call out a sardonic refrain:
“Welcome to Vietnam, gentlemen.”

So many years have passed since that day;
I boxed up those memories and stored them away.
Many worse memories are packed along side;
I wonder what’s real and what still I hide.
Long wooden boxes locked up so tight;
But magically open on some sultry night
They dance in my visions, they screwed with my head;
They shriek in my nightmares, their screams I so dread
Blurred faces, names forgotten, emotions that died;
I walk through life feeling nothing inside.
Dreams were a cursed, wretched array,
Parades of dead warriors I’ve packed away.
Their faces sometimes vivid, their names on a wall;
I try to keep moving in spite of them all.

I hope they know the prayers said in their name;
I hope they look fondly of the man I became.
Their life was sadly taken for some senseless cause,
Their spirit lives on and their love gives me pause.

They sacrificed their all for us…
We must live our best for them.

Sleep well my brothers, ‘til we meet again.
戴维诗(Dai Wei Shi)    

May all beings be peaceful. 
May all beings be free.
May the sun bring you new energy by day
May the moon softly restore you by night
May the rain wash away your worries
May the breeze blow new strength into your being
May all beings awaken to 
    the light of their true nature
May you walk gently through the world 
     and know its beauty all the days of your life




Wednesday, June 7th, 5-7:30 pm

Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture


🌷Click below to register no later than May 31🌻

Joyce Jed, President of GNPS accepting

Organization of the Year” award from

the Park Slope Civic Council

on behalf of Good Neighbors of Park Slope from

the Park Slope Civic Council, President,Tim Gilles

Members of GNPS came to the Park Slope Civic Council meeting May 4

to support Good Neighbors.

Join the GNPS Board!

We are looking for new Board members. GNPS has elections once a year, in October, and positions on our Board will be open.

We are interested in members who have been active in GNPS during the past two years and have ideas they’d like to implement about new possibilities for GNPS that we have not yet explored.

The deadline to apply is June 30th. Please use the link below to tell us about your connection to GNPS, and the experience you’ve gained at work or as a volunteer or member at other organizations.

link to starting your own


Carol Milano



Carol Milano



Carol Milano’s adult life has been one of trying to balance two demanding and sometimes conflicting needs. One is her life-long desire to write and the other her need to help other people. Carol also has many interests, among them a love of the outdoors. She and her husband, Len, bought a cabin in the woods in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where they bike and hike.

Writing can be a solitary activity, requiring the writer lo be away from people whose presence might distract from the creative process.

Carol has always loved writing. “I remember as a little kid, when I was maybe just five years old, wanting to be a writer”, she says. “ I think it probably began with the stories my mother read to me.” (However, she has never written fiction or poetry.)

She started writing articles in elementary school. Her first published work was in fifth grade. And later she became editor of her high school newspaper. She was pleased to find that to find that people really liked what she wrote.

But despite her successes as a writer, helping other people ultimately proved to be a stronger draw and she became a career counsellor. For a decade.

Since then, she has tried very hard to integrate those two primary needs. “Sometimes I get lucky and can respond to both at the same time: I’ve written books on career topics, organized workshops on professional issues for journalists, arranged field trips for reporters, and started local writers groups.”

Now, semi -retired, she freelances for the National Association of Funeral Directors, writing articles for their monthly magazine on a range of topics, from grave robbing to funeral foods around the world. And she has written about cemeteries all over the country, including the Quaker cemetery in Prospect Park that was established in 1846, before the park was created. Montgomery Clift, the heart throb of movie goers in the 1950s and 60s, is buried there.

About eight years ago, Carol says, she started taking drawing classes. “Then, during the pandemic, I joined a hike and sketch group that met in the park. It was a very rewarding, creative experience.”. Participating in such a group, she said, she learned a lot and after it ended, she felt she was ready to organize an outdoor sketching group for Good Neighbors members.

(Also, she was able to use her experience as a career counselor in a workshop to help GNPS members find ways to look for the right kind of volunteer job.)

“The outdoor sketching group has been very successful,” Carol says. “Artists, like writers, often spend their creative time alone. We keep the group small so we’re able to talk to one another while we’re sketching and some of us have even become friends,” Carol notes.

Not surprisingly, there is a waiting list. Outdoor sketching seems to appeal to a lot of members. Carol hopes that someone will organize a second group that can meet on a different day or in a different location.

The group meets once a week in good weather, mostly in the area around 9th street where the majority of sketchers live. That minimizes the need to carry art equipment too far. Most members are experienced artists of some kind. Some even exhibit. “Most of us try to come each week because we really like one

another’s company while we’re working. ”

Carol also organizes a GNPS weekly walking group in Prospect Park. Everyone enjoys the exercise but, again, it’s the company that’s a major motivator.

Carol and Good Neighbors are a good fit. She has many interests and talents that she is happy to share and GNPS members are the lucky beneficiaries.

If you would like to join in our activities and have access to all our information, consider becoming a member -- click on our Membership page for more information.

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