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Good Neighbors of Park Slope


Good Neighbors of Park Slope (GNPS) is an all volunteer, non-profit, aging-in-place organization, open to residents of Park Slope and surrounding areas who are age 50 and over. Our goal is to create a network of members to make life in our neighborhood easier and more fulfilling, while maintaining our autonomy and quality of life in our homes.

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What's Happening?
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


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For the safety of all members, please be fully vaccinated and take a Covid test if you are not feeling well. 





Good Neighbors of Park Slope is offering to connect you with another member who also wants a regular check in. 
GNPS will make the initial connection, and after that it will be a mutual relationship between members 
who call/text/email one another on a regular basis, with no further GNPS responsibility.
Please fill out this survey and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Member Check In 2024

❤️Words of Appreciation from Our Members❤️

Are  you grateful to be a member of GNPS?  We hope so! Click GNPS Appreciations to see the
many notes of thanks that were submitted for our Annual Meeting in October.
If you would like, please send your note of appreciation to
and it will be added to this list! 

A group of members has prepared information to help other groups start an organization like ours, which gives history of the organization. It is 
available here: 
Starting an Aging-in-Place Organization.

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(This section may include events that may not have been included in last e-blast and activities with 

available registration slots)

Presentations & Special Events

Beers in Brooklyn-Ditmas Park - 6/19/2024
Cafe De GNPS - 6/27/2024
Grandparents Coffee - 6/28/2024

 Monthly Meetings and Activities Open To All Members
Advocacy Committee Meeting - 6/19/2024
Activities Committee Mtg - 7/11/2024
Monthly Meeting of the Climate Change Interest Group - 7/9/2024

In-Person Pinochle - 6/12/2024
In-Person Canasta - 6/13/2024
In-Person Scrabble Club - 6/27/2024
Strategic Games: Catan - 7/1/2024

Every Tuesday Evening: Texas Holdem Online
Every Wednesday: In Person Bridge for Experienced Players

Health and Wellness Activities

Every Friday: Weekly Balance Class on zoom

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Park Slope Singers
Still. Waters.
June 15 at Old First Church at 3:00
June 21 at Park Slope United Methodist Church at 7pm
for more information:
Park Slope Singers June Performances

June is Men's Health Month
NYC Dept for the Aging webinar
Man Up!
Preventative Health for Men Over 60
June 25, 2024 at 11AM

Mens Health Webinar June 2024.pdf

Headaches and Migraines 101
Presented by St John's University 
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
June 27 2024 at 11AM

Headache and Migraines June 27 2024.pdf

OMNI is now available for reduced fare customers!

Learn More Here

  Park Slope Library Events

Park Slope Library Calendar


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Park Slope Center for Successful Aging 
invites Good Neighbors of Park Slope
to participate in ALL activities!

See what is available on a recent PSCSA schedule:

PSCSA Schedule

For the most up-to-date information
become a member of PSCSA and receive their weekly schedule.



Meet Bernard Kleinman
(by Ruth Gastel)

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(For previous member profiles: Meet Our Members)  

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2024-25 Participatory Budget Winners

Thank you to our members for voting in the 2024/2025 PB. Our suggested project was a winner! Details are —

Handrails and Lighting for Prospect Park Paths $750,000.
The project will include the installation of handrails on the steep path from the waterfall on down to Center Drive at the Nethermead, plus lighting. This will be particularly helpful when wet leaves are on the ground, and provides greater accessibility for all.

The Prospect Park Alliance thanked Good Neighbors for its continued advocacy.

Thank you, Jasmine Melzer for submitting this proposal and all the GNPS members who voted!


Thank you GNPS member, David Bellel, for a wonderful walking tour of Windsor Terrace on June 13th.  

The NYC Dept for the Aging 
wants you to participate in their 
Service Needs Assessment Survey
to build an age-inclusive city and to better serve the
60+ NYC population.

Whether you use their services now or may use them

In the future, your opinion matters!

By completing the survey, you may be
entered in a drawing to win a $50 Gift Card.


Click here for the flyer and QR code to take the survey
Flyer with QR Code 

Click here to download and print out the survey and mail back
Needs Assessment Survey May 2024

Click here to access the survey online


Bernard Kleinman



Walk, run, exercise your brain. Bernie Kleinman was doing all the right things to live a healthy life decades before the experts began telling us what to do. 

“I skied in Vermont and Aspen and I played tennis well into my 70s,” he says. “And I still play bridge with friends every Friday, but it’s now on Zoom.  I love classical music and reading literature, although because of limited eyesight now I have to listen to audio books.”

Who else do you know that’s read Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, ‘Remembrances of Things Past,’ three times and listens to Beethoven at bedtime? The reward?  Bernie will celebrate his 100th birthday in June.

Bernie started life in Flushing, Queens but when he was seven his father was killed in a car accident and the family moved to Manhattan. Little did he know that his later life would be spent in Brooklyn. “If you lived in Manhattan in the 1960s,” he said, “you didn’t think much of Brooklyn. Real human beings didn’t live there. Brooklyn was just a place that hung onto the Brooklyn Bridge.” But he got to know Brooklyn when his mother enrolled him in Brooklyn Technical High School!

“Pearl Harbor was attacked during my senior year, but I wasn’t drafted because of my eyesight. Then, after working as a junior draftsman, I decided to go to City College to get a degree in engineering. Later in the war, when the shooting was over, I was drafted into the Air Force. There, in Florida, I taught a course in radar fundamentals.”

After he was discharged from the Air Force, he went back to college and to graduate school. Following graduation, he held a couple of jobs working on the design of military equipment. Then he began working for New York Telephone, now Verizon. He said he was glad to help people talk instead of killing one another. He stayed there until he retired at age 66.

At New York Telephone, it was Bernie’s job was to keep the phones working. When the central office switch broke down, he was called on to get it fixed. “There was a lot of pressure. Imagine 10,000 customers losing dial tone. I was not one of the guys climbing up poles, you know. I came out with my jacket and tie, and with some knowledge of how things worked.“

“I remember one time I was sent to the Bronx because staff there couldn’t fix a problem.  It took me hours to find what was wrong. One little contact in one little relay was dirty. I kept notes on all the problems I worked on.  Months later I was called to another location with the same complaint. Their system had been out of service for many hours. I quietly listened, I climbed a ladder, poked around for a few seconds and said, ‘Try it now.’ The switch worked. Jaws dropped. Everyone looked at me as though I was God.”

Bernie didn’t get married until he was in his early 40s, late for that era. “I lived in a little apartment in Greenwich Village. One day I came home from work and there was a young woman relaxing on a bench, waiting for her brother who lived in the same building. I invited her to wait in my apartment ….and that was the beginning of my romance with Sondra.” 

“After many months, I happened to mention to Sondra that I had taken a female friend to a movie.  She immediately broke off the relationship, saying she was not planning to become one of my ‘girlfriends’. Five months later, I received a call from her: ‘How are you?’ I was overjoyed and we restarted our lives together.”  Bernie and Sondra have two daughters and one grandson. Both daughters live nearby in Brooklyn.

Bernie loves playing bridge and at one point he decided to offer beginner lessons to members of Good Neighbors. He told new players, “You have to remember many small things, a lot of technical points, to become good.  But once you’ve learned this, you’ll have years of pleasure from it.” People who have taken lessons with Bernie are among his most ardent admirers.

We all wish him a very happy birthday and look forward to his 101st.


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